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I agree with your assessment of this Harley campaign. I'm a Harley rider and an Obama supporter. With this campaign the HD corporation is positioning themselves firmly on the right, politically. I usually keep my political positions to myself but in response I think I'll put an Obama sticker on my Harley.


This wont go down well but generally speaking my experience of selling Harley Davidsons to the American Military when I was 23 was what seemed like cloying desire to own a pecker that counted. All of them were obsessed with tough which is precisely the quality I avoid like the plague when assessing who I can trust in a shit situation.

I confess that I'd have a sportster in a heartbeat but only because the style is my kinda thing. I'd probably wear as much gay/metrosexual clothes as I could get away with. Maybe a D&G leather at a push but none of that proud to be sweaty bollocks. They aren't great bikes. Any clued up bike fiend knows that the Hollywood screen dudes who are literate and stylish insist on a Ducati or Moto Guzzi for the discerning biker addiction to be properly addressed.

A few are the exception to this generalist observation. Mickey Rourke could ride a monocycle and still have it going on. A few others too but I wont bore you any more with my punditry ;)


This is America baby!!!! If you don't like what it sounds like, don't listen. If you don't like what it says, don't read it. If Harley chooses this type of ad and it offends you, don't buy one. For God's sake get a life and don't worry about the small stuff !!!!


How dare a corporation imply a political position on anything! They aren't supposed to care or stand for anything, just sell, sell, sell!
In case you haven't noticed HD has always had an "outlaw" branding, and right now in America, right wing = outlaw (just ask Homeland Security).


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