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Mike Wagner

This reminds me of Hugh over at Gaping Void observing, "THE MARKET FOR SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN IS INFINITE."

Muji's message certainly has my mind racing.

Thanks for sharing.

Keep creating...it freaks people out,

Cindy Chastain

Funny, but I've always loved the "idea" of MUJI for these same reasons. I was in Japan two years ago and saw their products, at the time only available at the MOMA store in the US, in common convenience stores in Tokyo. Japanese friends characterized them as the "IKEA" of Japan.

The statement you quote is all good, but their mission is now lost in the current Soho, NY store. Before even going to Japan, I cherished MUJI as a brand because of its stamp of approval from the Museum of Modern Art. Frankly, I was surprised to see how "common" it was in its native country. Now, with the less than year-old Soho store, I see very little difference in terms of brand identity from any other popular retailers. Moreover, the prices seemed to have escalated since the store's opening. While many items seem relatively less expensive I can confirm that a hat I bought last year, still being sold this season, went from 28 to 40 dollars. My feeling, being in the store last night, was that the prices have jumped in order to capitalize on the popular appeal.

And so...while MUJI's mission seems admirable, the question is do they actually have control over this ideal for stores in foreign markets; is it, in the Soho case, evidence of a disingenuous company OR a natural manifestation of American consumer tendencies? I still like their products, but I don't feel that the Soho incarnation lives up to the mission stated above.


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