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Misha Cornes

Fuck those guys! You don't need some precious salesperson to tell you whether you have succeeded in wearing your own jeans right. Would you let a wine shop snob tell you were buying the wrong wine? Or a music store clerk tell you your taste in music was crap? It sounds like the whole experience is designed to make you, the denim mendicant, feel unworthy. If you don't happen to have the time or desire to wear raw denim everyday, then they sold you the wrong pair - it's their fault, not yours!

I'm a snobby urban hipster who wears the same pair of jeans 4-5 days a week, and I hereby pronounce you worthy!

Rick Liebling


Are those pictures reversed? In the top photo they look faded, but in the bottom shot they appear much darker.

Oh, and I second what Misha said.


Thanks for the support.

The photos were taken with two different cameras. That could explain the difference in color.


Enjoyed the update. The photos show you are making progress - starting to lose indigo on the honeycombs and back pocket. Don't let the denim stiffness turn you away from raw denim. I actually like the new, shiney stiffness of raw denim, but many people do not. You can do as they do and consider soaking them in cold water (water only, no soap, do not run them through a washing machine cycle). Bathtub or large bucket works well. Soak for a several minutes to remove the starch. No agitation. Sometimes the water will turn yellowish or greenish. You could rinse them after the soak as well. Ideal if you can hang them up somewhere to drip dry without wringing the excess water out (the more you handle the wet denim the more likely you will lose indigo dye). Many think this will ruin the end result, but keep in mind that many raw denim jeans are shrink to fit and must be soaked first because they tend to shrink 2-4 inches in waist and length. And they still turn out fantastic with wear. Caveats. They will lose the new/shiny look. The color will change a little but will still be dark. They will likely shrink back to their original size but will normally stretch back out easier and quicker the second time (or put them on while slightly damp to shape them to your body). They will still feel stiff after drip dry but should quickly become softer without the excess starch. Just try to wear them often. Looking forward to your next update!

Sam Karp

I just came across this story with the headline: One year, one pair, zero washes. I think you might enjoy it! Link below...


Fashion Bug Coupons Chick

First of all this is a great post. I think I am going to take their advice and live in my 2 favorite pairs to break them in more.

wholesale womens clothing

I am a pants addict! I love to collect different kinds of pants in different colors. thanks for the post.


across jeans

Nothing beats the feel of worn in jeans. I wear mine everyday. They are actually more comfortable than most of my pants.


"The challenge for me is that I'd like to preserve the darkness of the denim", can you really do that after years, that would be awesome, cause I had this one jeans superbly worn but is comfy as hell..., it's would be damn awesome if you can do that...

Round and Brown

Nothing beats the feel of worn in jeans. I wear mine everyday. They are actually more comfortable than most of my pants.


Never considered the lifetime of a pair of jeans so in detail. Now i will ;)Interesting post! Succes with your blog. greetings

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