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Wow. When John Wannamaker (supposedly) despaired, “I know half my advertising budget is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.”, it's a good thing he didn't look at his sponsorship budget.


Same at a NHL game - sucks the atmosphere right out of the building. Most counter-productive are the beer ads. Don't care how much you taut the brew when the vendors are charging twice as much as the local tavern.


I agree with you on the beer ads Alan. There's two things that bother me about these ads in the stadium.

First, is it necessary to advertise the brand of beer in the stadium when you're not given a choice at the concession stand? I'm fairly certain fans will still choose the only beer available on tap without having to sit through a barrage of signage and anemic tie-ins during the game.

Second, It seems to me that having a beer at the stadium is a ritualistic purchase, rather than spontaneous one. So advertising its availability or refreshingness seems like a moot point.

It may be time for beer companies need to re-think their exclusive pour sponsorships with stadiums. Exclusive, by defintion, means we don't have a choice.


Oh boy! 47 sponsored promotions!? That will bore me to death and would really take my mind from the game. I think this is counter-productive. But what do I know. I'm an american and I have never been to a baseball game. Although, I would love to attend one.

Dave Weaver

WOW - one of the single best descriptions of media clutter i've ever seen. great post.

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