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i can relate..all too well unfortunately.

was on a similar mission. went to APC where my friend works.

she says she'll hook me up.

go in to try on jeans and end up walking, or rather, moving straight-leggedly out the door in a pair of 30's. three sizes smaller than i'm used to. THREE SIZES.

they stretch out, she says. and you're never supposed to wash them. so you buy them small so that they don't end up huge.

well, i've had them for a month or two now. and they have loosened up. a bit. but i still can't get change out of the front pocket.

it's funny how we've come to believe that it's appropriate to spend MORE money for LESS functionality.

it's as if the denim is some sort of endangered animal and it's not the jeans we're buying, but the preciousness of the species. we're just lucky to own some rare breed of cheetah, even though it keeps clawing at us.

oh well.


Too true. Love the comparison of denim to endangered species.

Adrian Lai

I think the appeal is in breaking it in, the process & an end result that's personally custom-fit and stained.

Have you guys seen the Superdenim Encyclopedia?

It's a wiki for denim connoisseurs.


There's nothing appealing about the break-in process to me, only the result.

Good find on the denim wiki though.

Tony H.

I don't know what body shape you have, but if you are a size 36 chances are you probably shouldn't be looking at Levi's in the first place (I know, I know, they make cool jeans and have cute ad campaigns). I found most Levi's jeans are tailored to skinny chaps with a digestive problem.

Check out Guess jeans. I'm a size 33-34, depending on the time of the day. I can walk into any Guess store and pick out 5 pairs of any style with the designated waist size.

And by the way: "a pair of jeans to last a lifetime"? That sounded almost like a stipulation from one of our lipstick-wearing, high heel-kickin' members of the species.


have you people heard of the best invention of all?

get yourselves a man bag!


I'd say those ladies sold you more than a pair of Levis'... more like a bill of goods. Sure, you want your jeans to conform to your body. But getting them too small and expecting them to expand is completely wrong. When was the last time you bought a shirt (or anything else made of cotton) that "grew" over time.
On the contrary, your instinct to go for the 36 was probably a little better. YOU might grow over the years, but the jeans will shrink. And it doesn't matter WHAT you paid, they WILL wear out.
My advice (as a Levis' wearin' gay man) is to buy the size 34. But try several pair - they DO vary, and you'll want to find a pair that make you feel really good. Think of it like sex - not too tight, not too loose, just right! If you can get part of all four fingers in under the waistband, that's good, but a whole hand is too loose.
Then take them home, wash 'em in water as hot as you can get (to get rid of the "sizing" stiffness), and then slip them on after the final spin cycle. Wear them around the house, maybe hike down to the park, whatever. The idea is to dry them out ON your body. They will begin to conform to your shape as they dry, they'll shrink, but the fabric will give in the places it needs to give, and shrink in the places it's okay to shrink. Do this a couple of times, if possible.
I should warn you, the indigo dye will come off on your legs, so you'll look a little pale afterwards. And be sure to have some antifungal cream ready - you're walking around in wet pants, afterall.
But the results are astounding. Your wife will thank you, your legs will thank you, and you'll look better because they fit and you're not in pain.

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